News letter 1 - 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

Here you will receive the first newsletter of Crops Online, the digital newsletter about our new web application. With this newsletter we will bring you up to date on the latest developments of Crops Online. The application that lets you control your global productions, by real-time insight into the status of your crops.

Registration of crops in the cloud

Are you always curious about the progress of your crops, regardless of where you are present at that time? If your answer is yes, then Crops Online is system that can give you the insight.
Crops Online is a new online system where data about your crops is registered. This includes your own crops as well as crops that are grown with other parties through contracts. The system is therefore suitable for breeding, growing and trading companies in flowers, plants, fruit and vegetables.
The registration can be done manually or automatically by an interface with ERP systems. The breeding, growing and trading companies have immediate insight into the progress and quality of crops.
From Crops Online, the breeding and trading companies can progress the production data automatically into their own ERP system. This system actually provides the link between the ERP system of the growers and the ERP system of the breeding and trading companies.

Which information?

The system starts with a so-called contract. On a contract , you can determine how much, when and which variety will be grown.
A contract may be cultivated on one or more production fields, in Crops Online we call this field plans. On a field plan we register the planned surface and yield. It's also possible to record the GPS coordinates of a field plan, so you can see the production field is located within Google maps.

Periodically the growing data will be registered in the system, here you should think about the following information:

  • Planned and realized production activities such as sowing, planting, use of bees, making leave samples, etc.
  • Field Checks; based on predefined lists you can define various field checks, these include field stands, presence of insects , weeds , etc.
  • Potential production risks for germination, diseases , variety and seed purity risks . Also pictures can be recorded together with a risk.
  • Yield estimations for the overall production. 
  • Planned and realized harvests.
Winter action

The winter is still going on. For Crops Online we have a winter action to try all modules of Crops Online 30 days for free without paying the activation costs. If you are interested, please go to our site and click the appropriate button.