Successful ERP implementation

25 March 2020 by in Migrations

Last weekend we achieved an important milestone with one of our customers. Since last weekend, after extensive preparation, they start using new IT systems for their activities such as Agriware, Microsoft AX and OMP. These are systems for planning, registration and controlling crops, quality controls and processing of vegetable seeds.

The first go-live of Microsoft AX was last May. Then they started using AX for the financial administration and part of the purchasing department. As of last weekend, they can use all three systems for one of their crops.

Extra difficult

The entire team and the departments involved have worked hard to achieve this milestone. This was extra difficult because of the corona virus. For example, a large part of the activities had to take place from home and therefore remotely. But in the end, due to teamwork and flexibility of all involved, it was very successful, the new software systems function well and the teams involved can work well with them.

Van Ruijven IT

Van Ruijven IT was involved in the migration of the data from the old to the new systems. The surrounding systems also had to be able to continue to cooperate with the new systems.

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