Subscription & pricing

Choose the module that fits best your requirement or extent Crops Online with extra modules.

Crops Online As A Service

Crops Online is modular, so that only that which is actually in use have to be paid.

Scaling performance and database size

The system performance depends on the number of database transactie units (DTU). The Crops Online Basic Module contains maximum 10 DTU.

The Crops Online Basic Module contains a maximum database size of 250 GB.

In case when more DTU and / or database size is wanted, the extra price per month wil be as follows:

Maximum DTU / database sizeExtra costs per month
20 DTU and 250 GB€ 30,00
50 DTU and 250 GB€ 75,00
More than 50 DTUOn request

All prices are per month and excluding VAT. These prices relate to 2019. Van Ruijven IT Applications B.V. reserves the right to change modules and prices.

Geografical replication

In case geografical replication is wanted, we will create a separate quation.

Consultancy with implementation

Our consultants would like to support you with the implementation of Crops Online for your organization. If your interested, we will make a customized quotation for you. Please send an email to

Way of payment

All payments proceed on a monthly basis.

Terms and conditions

See here for the Terms and Conditions for the use of Crops Online.

Free sign up for 30 days

Would you like to try all modules 30 days for free (without paying the activation costs)? Get a free and trial subscription by clicking this button and entering your information.

Crops Online – On Premise

Besides the online version, it is also possible to install Crops Online on your own infrastructure, the so-called 'on premise' variant. If you are interested in this, we will make a customized quote. 

The terms and conditions for the Crops Online "on premise" can be found here .