Arthur van Ruijven

Arthur is the founder and driving force behind the organization. Because of his flexibility he can adapt himself quickly to varying situations. He is a real team player who easily acts inside and outside the team, he communicates clear with clients and project team members. Although he prefers a personal approach to his project team members and he therefore contributes to a positive atmosphere within the team, he is also well placed and formal. He always works very structured, is reliable and has a great responsibility.

Dustin van de Sande

Dustin has several years experience in developing, designing, migrating and maintaining technical systems. He is able to quickly analyze complex problems to solve. With his broad interest and enthusiasm for technology fits perfectly with the dynamic culture of this company. He's communication skills, critical and is happy to discuss his ideas. He has extensive programming knowledge and experience with Microsoft. Net. Both web applications (ASP.NET) and Windows applications. Dustin is responsible for the development of crop online.