Crops Online Registration App for offline registration

Crops Online is, as the name implies, an online system in which cultivation data is registered. This means that you need an internet connection to work with Crops Online. However, a good internet connection is not available everywhere. The Crops Online Registration App has been developed for this purpose. 


The Crops Online Registration App works on an Android device and allows you to enter field checks on an Android device in areas where there is no Internet available. It is also possible to take photos of your crops and store them directly at the production fields.


The Crops Online Registration App works with observations. Within Crops Online Web you create an Observation sheet with a selection of the production fields you want to visit, within the App these are called Observation Items. You indicate which check items you will assess, within the App this is called Observation Properties. You also indicate which person will visit these productions.

The observation sheet creation looks like this in Crops Online Web:

Entering observations 

After you have started the Crops Online Registration App, you need to log in to the App. This is done via a username and password that has been created especially for you.

After logging in, you can synchronize the observation sheets with the tablet. Depending on the number of production fields you are observing and the internet speed that takes an average of 1 minute.

After the synchronization you can enter the observations completely offline in the app, this looks like this: 

As you can see, it is also possible to take a photo directly and to add it to the observation.

Observation visible in Web version

If you have an internet connection available again, the observations can be synchronized again with Crops Online, after which the entered observation is also visible in the web version.