Consultancy customers

Our employees are mostly working in the IT department of our customers. These consultancy customers are in different sectors, examples include:

  • The ICT sector
  • The agricultural sector
  • Banking and insurance
  • The logistic sector

Below are some of our consutancy customers, with behind the job we perform or performed for those customers.

Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel B.V.

Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV uses several systems for logistics management. Within the logistics domain, all sorts of innovative ICT projects are running to increase the productivity of Rijk Zwaan. Van Ruijven IT Consultancy performs here the role of "Project manager Logistics" and is responsible for initiating and participating in innovative ICT projects within the logistics domain, and the provision of support to the overall project planning.

Axia vegetable seeds

Axia is an innovative breeding company, specialised in creating vegetable seeds for protected crops.

For Axia we provide support for various IT systems, including their ERP System “Agro Business Solutions”. In addition, we help with the implementation of various IT-related logistics projects.

Fysiotherapie & Medisch Trainingscentrum Move On

Since 2009 Fysiotherapie & Medisch Trainingscentrum Move On exists and can be characterized as a small practice with all necessary facilities and expertise under one roof. They provide the best care in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. For Physiotherapy & Medical Training Centre Move On we build a new website using Joomla as a CMS system. See here for the site:

BK Plant

BK Plant is a pot plant nursery specializing in Curcuma and Scindapsus from Honselersdijk. They produce the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible way a quality product. For BK Plant we realized a glass house planningstool within Excel. It shows per facility when the lots are planted and when the will be sold. It gives a complete overview of the status of the plants in the glass house.

Agro Business Solutions B.V.

Agro Business Solutions B.V. is an IT company that has developed an ERP system for seed breeders for production of agricultural materials. To ensure the quality of the system, we done an investigation to the current development and testing process. On this basis, several improvements identified.


Florpartners is a results-oriented consultancy agency in the horticultural sector. With a broad knowledge of strategy, marketing, concept development and communication, they focus on guiding cooperation between various parties. At Florpartners we carried out a migration from the financial administration to the latest version of Exact Software.


RIMATO is a leading tomato growing company of 14.7 hectares. RIMATO is part of Prominent, an innovative grower association of tomatoes. At RIMATO we have combined several Excel files into a central file in which the sold pallets of tomatoes are registered. From the file it is possible to print bills of lading, in which the stock of pallets and barrels is kept. The file also provides insight into the number of forecasted pallets compared to the pallets actually removed. In addition, the sheet contains various revenue overviews.

Priva B.V.

Priva is a key player in the field of automatic climate control and process management in the agricultural sector (covered horticulture) and the built environment (building intelligence in commercial / industrial buildings). Within Priva we organized several brainstorming sessions to create a shared vision for the internal ICT department.

Sogeti Nederland B.V.

Sogeti Netherlands performs the development and testing activities for all Uniface applications to a large insurance company. Due to increasing work and the scarcity of Uniface developers in the Netherlands, this insurance company and Sogeti decided to outshores the Uniface development to Sogeti India. We set up the transition plan and started the transition.