10 Year Van Ruijven IT

1 October 2017 by in Others

Van Ruijven IT Consultancy exists for 10 years on 1 October 2017! After working for 15 different employers for 15 years, Arthur van Ruijven decided to start his own company in 2007. On 1 October 2007 Van Ruijven IT Consultancy was a fact and the Netherlands was a consulting firm in the field of software consultancy richer.

Now 10 years later, Van Ruijven IT Consultancy is still an independent consultancy and Van Ruijven IT Applications has also been established. At Van Ruijven IT Applications, the application Crops Online is being developed, an online system in which cultivation data are recorded.

Over the past 10 years, Van Ruijven IT has created a good foundation for the coming years.

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